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Nie chcesz "płynąć z nurtem" jak większość?

I masz rację! Do większych rzeczy zostałeś stworzony. Stać Cię na coś więcej niż "wirtualne życie"  :-)  Rusz się! Przyjdź do Arki w piątek o 18:00.


Nasze plany na rok 2015

Anacron has an extensive Color Chooser in the template manager to provide intricate controls for each section of Anacron, inclusive of overlay type, text color, background color, as well as background images. Edit preexisting or create new presets.

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image Modern. Powerful.

Replicate the Demo.


Multiple Platforms

The RocketLauncher is a customized Joomla install, that replaces the default sample data with the data from the demo, alongside images, the extensions and template. It is a quick way to replicate the demo onto your server.

Layered Image Sources.

Anacron is distributed with Adobe Fireworks PNG sources, layered and editable, to allow for quick and easy customization.

image John Doe CEO

image Mary Burke Designer

image Hans Jose Developer

image Mark Riley Support

Flexible & Adaptable Sample Pages.

There are a series of example pages beyond the frontpage, to show how flexible the layout system, with varying page types, module uses, and layout distributions.

Graphic Charts by ChartJS

Create exquisite graphical charts using HTML5 and Chart.js, which is built-in with Anacron.

Coming Soon / Offline Page

Anacron supports a simple coming soon or offline style page with a time counter.

Warto wiedzieć...

  • RokAjaxSearch is a configurable search module that uses AJAX to load results in real time via a styled popup. It can be set to local or Google search, inclusive of Web, image, video and blog. Results are paged and can be accessed via buttons or keyboard commands.
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